Discuss Calculation of Installment Credit Motor Delay Fines

Discussing Calculation of Loan Installment Delay Fine Motor kredit motor yamaha
In previous articles we have discussed about the importance of paying your motor loan installments on time. One of the points that we emphasize is that paying a loan installment of motor you are late can hurt you because there is a late fee is payable.7

In this article we will discuss about the calculation of the fine motor loans.
(In this article we only discuss the calculation of fines credits with leasing FIF & Adira. For other nominal leasing may be a little different but the outline remains the same)

1. How to Calculate the Late Payment Penalties Motor Loan Installment

Payment of fines starting from the first day you are late. Fines are calculated per day of 0.5% of the nominal installments.

Example if you are maturing every December 10 and you just pay the installments on the 15th then you’ve counted fines for 5 days. If you are nominal installments of 650,000, perhitunggan fines per day is 650,000 x 0.5% = 3,250 (per day). Then the calculation of the total fines amounted to 3,250 x 5 days = 16,250.

2. How to Pay Fine Motor Credit Installment Payment Delays

The payment can be done at the time of installment payments, or upon completion of the installment.
In some leasing there is a difference in pay fines, for example:

On leasing FIF to fines under 25,000 then the penalty payment can be done by the time you pay the installments by wire transfer or post office or Alfamart. But for a fine above 25,000 then you can just pay the fine by coming directly to the branch office leasing.
At Adira leasing, payment of fines can only be done in the office leasing concerned.
If you do not pay the fine at the time of repayment, the total amount of the fine you will be accumulated and need to be paid upon making your reg.

If you’ve been late paying installments over 30 days, the installment payment must be made directly at the branch office leasing for payment can not be made via transfer.

3. Period Tolerance Motor Credit Installment Payment Delay

The period of tolerance of late payment usually is different for each leasing.
Broadly speaking, the following is a period of tolerance.

You can be visited by collectors if you are late paying installments over 4 days.
To delay 60-90 days then your bike can be withdrawn by the leasing. In the withdrawal procedure, your name will also be blacklisted by the lease so that you can not apply for credit back to the leasing of the same.

Achieving the maximum potential life

Everyone longed for a better future; success in career, motivator indonesia terbaik
household and social relationships, but we often hit by various
obstacles. And the biggest obstacle, however, lies in ourselves.
Through his work, Joel Osteen challenges us to get out of the mindset
narrow and begin to think in the new paradigm.7

There are seven steps that we achieve the maximum potential life:

* The first step is to expand horizons. You should look at life
with the eyes of faith, look yourself being bolted to a higher level.
You should have a clear mental picture of what you will achieve.
This picture should be a part of you, in your mind, in your conversations,
seep into your subconscious mind, in deeds and in every
aspects of life.

Step two is to develop a healthy self image. That means you must
underlying picture yourself on what God says about you.
Achieve your success goals depends on how you perceive
yourself and how you feel about yourself. Because it will determine
your confidence level in the act. The fact that you do not will
never shot higher than what you think about yourself

* Step three is to discover the power behind your thoughts and your words.
The main target of enemy attacks is your mind. He knew if he had
managed to control and manipulate what you think, then he
will be managed to control and manipulate your whole life.
Your thoughts determine behavior, attitude and self image. The mind set goals.
The Bible warns us to always keep the mind.

* Step four is to release the past, let it go …
You may have lost everything that no one should experience it
in this life. If you want to live victoriously, you should not wear
trauma of the past as an excuse to make bad choices today.
You must dare not make the past as a reason for your bad attitude
during this time, or justify your actions to not forgive someone.

Step five is to find strength in the worst circumstances even
We should be: “I can just fell a couple of times in this life, but
but I would not continue to stay down there. “We all face
challenges in life. We all must experience things that come
attack us. We may be dropped from the outside, but the key to life
victory is to learn how to rise again from the inside.
Step six is ​​a cheerful giver. One of the biggest challenges
we face is the temptation to self-interest.
For we know that God does want the best for us,
He wants us to prosper, enjoy the grace and more that he has in store for us,
but sometimes we forget and get caught up in selfish behavior.
Indeed, we will experience more joy than ever imagined
if we want to share life with others.

* Step seven is to choose to be happy today. You do not have to wait
until all persoalanmu resolved. You do not have to postpone happiness
until you reach all of your target. God wants you to be happy in any condition,
right now !

pandan leaves for health benefits, among others:

1. Enhancer appetite

How: Boil 2 pandan leaves with 3 cups of water. Let the cooking water
just half. After a cold drink 2 times a day these herbs are

2. Treating arthritis

How: Prepare several pieces of pandan leaves. Then brewed with coconut oil
1 or 1/2 cup. After cold use as a liniment on the body
affected by rheumatism.

3. Overcoming impotence in men

How: Take less then 3 pieces of pandan leaves into small pieces small. After that
boil by using as much as 4 cups of water and allow it to water
The stew stay 3/4. Drink the potion morning and evening
after eating.

4. high blood pressure drugs

How: Boil a few leaves of pandanus and drink the mixture morning and evening regularly.

5. Treat dandruff

How: Take a few leaves of pandanus. Then finely crushed and wring
The pandan leaves. Apply the pandan leaves water on the head of the
dandruff evenly exposed. Allow for about 1/2 hour. Rinse
clean and repeat until the dandruff is really gone.

That Benefits Pandan leaf fragrance for health. Fragrant pandan which we know only as fragrance food apparently has a myriad of benefits that is very good for health. Therefore diligent reading and asked the experts so that we understand and know that all around us there are plants that can be used for health.

Interior Design Colleges Serve As A Launch Pad For A Successful Career

With people becoming increasingly conscious about the beauty of their homes, the interior design industry has cashed in, big time. It is now a blossoming trade that is competing on the same level with its external counterpart civil engineering. Given such a scenario, it is only natural that there be a demand for qualified interior decorators. Consequently, this led to the establishment of several institutions that offered an interior design stream for education. This article traces the growth and establishment of interior design colleges.


The first question to be answered is always a why. Why is an interior design college necessary? Firstly, while it is a large field in itself, customers started becoming more particular. Design tastes started evolving as time passed. Design colleges ensure that their students are kept up to date with the current trend. Moreover, customers started looking for some sort of accreditation from the interior decorators they were recruiting. This was provided by the educational body that the designers studied in. There are numerous other reasons, but the substantial ones are quoted above.

Next, we take a look at the course structure. This differs from institution to institution. While some colleges specify a three year course, there are also longer courses as well as crash courses. The duration of the course also depends on the type of degree sought. For instance, a B.Arch degree may take up to four years while a diploma may take 2 years or so. Also available are post graduate courses that make take up to two more years depending on the specialization that one chooses.

Interior design also encompasses other fields such as textiles, jewelry, fashion and accessory design. These are more are taught at an interior design college. Also taught are computer oriented courses on 2D design, programming languages and other such subjects. Again, these courses depend on the degree selected. While undergraduate studies give students a basic overview, most postgraduate courses are specialized in nature. Some institutions also make a difference between interior designers and interior architects. This difference is made by the courses taught and the general direction that is given to the students. The course fee varies accordingly. Find out more about courses and places of study at http://www.interiorhousedesignideas.com

Most colleges are usually approved and accredited by the educational authority of that region. Some might also opt to get approval from specific bodies of interior design. For example, bachelor of fine arts program at Harrington’s College of Design is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

As an ending note, one must consider all the available options before settling on an interior design college. The college that one graduates out of often holds high value with prospective customers. A good college also serves as a launch pad for a successful career. Most students have the chance to land jobs in well known institutions as they are about to complete their education. In short: choose wisely. –Arsitek Interior

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn, Plants, Trees and Furniture for Winter

Every year, as the weather changes, there are many steps that homeowners take to winterize their yards, gardens and protect their patio furniture. Below are a few tips to help.

Winterizing your yard

For many people, the final mowing of the grass is somewhat of a ritual as well. Set your blade to about 1″ for the final mowing and rather than mulching the grass, collect it in the bag and dump the bag. This allows your grass to be fully able to soak up the last of there fall sunlight and strengthen the root system in the fall. For lawns with cool-weather grass varieties (such as the very popular Kentucky Bluegrass), it is very important to make sure that the root system has a chance to develop during the fall. This means that your grass needs water, light and an application of fall fertilizer. (Yes, you really do need to rake, mow or use a blower to remove the fallen leaves from the ground for the grass to receive the light that it needs.) Some people aerate their lawns in the spring and fall as well.

Plants & trees

If you have plants outdoors that can be brought indoors for the winter, it is important to do this before the first frost. Otherwise, cut back plants and clean out your flowerbeds. For the frugal gardener, collect and dry seeds of your annuals throughout the summer and reseed through the season. You can collect and dry your annual seeds for planting next spring. Trees should not be watered past midsummer so that they have a chance to harden, strengthening the tree trunk and branches. This can reduce limb and branch breakage in the winter months. About a week before the first freeze, you should give your trees a good deep root watering for the season.

Winterizing your furniture

Depending on the type of furniture, the winterization process is different. When you have furniture with cushions, it is important to put these away for the season so that they are protected from the moisture. Some people cover their outdoor wood furniture with furniture covers. Some wooden outdoor furniture does not need any special covers since it is especially resistant to the elements. The wood that is the most commonly associated with this strength is teak, which can remain in the elements year round and is maintenance free.

Taking the time to properly winterize your yard, garden and outdoor wooden patio furniture can save you time, money, and give you a head start for the spring months giving you a healthier yard, plants or furniture that will last longer.- Teak Root Furniture

Example Minimalist 1 Floor

Minimalist house building now mushroomed. Especially in urban areas increasingly dense population, minimalist home is the best solution to get comfortable and pleasant dwelling. Although sometimes plagued with an increasingly narrow space, but you can still get around to create a multifunctional space. So you also can get the room you need even in a small house though.

Example Minimalist 1 Floor

Example 1 minimalist house floor like what you want? Of course you need to consider it together with your beloved family. Because you and the family was later to be enjoying the atmosphere in the house. A sense of comfort when in the home become so valuable to make everyone feel at rumah minimalis in the house. example-house-minimalist-1-lantai.jpg

From the front of the house minimalist example one floor above, surely you can already feel the occupancy is so warm and appealing. The impression of the geometric motifs seen on the election of the design of the fence and facade of the house. Whether it’s a box shape and lines interconnected dynamic look with a minimalist concept. Coupled with a great design and high openings made on lighting in the room to be optimal. So as to create a home atmosphere that is warm and clean.

You can also get around the room as in the example of minimalist house one floor above to minimize the screen. Whether it be the use of partitions divider or multifunction shelf also can be used as a replacement bulkhead wall. The room will be more felt loose and broad. Moreover, with the combination of 2 or more rooms into one, will make you more freely at home. Can you see the merger between the kitchen and dining room, or dining room and family room. Not only wider, but you can also take advantage of the room becomes more multifunctional.

Various examples of minimalist house above can be your reference in determining the minimalist home of your dreams. The front of the house will certainly be an important part for you. Then you have to be very clever in selecting the design of the facade to make it look harmonious and blend with the theme of a minimalist home. So before you go any further, make sure you have determined the theme of your home. So that your home look more beautiful and attractive as in the example of a minimalist home one floor above.

Examples Terrace Minimalist

In general, a patio can serve as a place to receive the first guests in the house. The terrace can also function as a living room relaxing and natural shades. Because dealing directly with your minimalist garden.

Examples Terrace Minimalist

Judging from the function that you would have to think about how you should position the terrace your desain rumah minimalis to function more optimally terrace. Do you have enough space to bring a casual living room. Or just a place to relax and spend the evening with your beloved family. Or just look at the atmosphere around your home. On the other hand the terrace can also be integrated in the design of the house, so as to make it look more beautiful and gorgeous. Let’s start with an example of a minimalist house terrace below.

As you can see in the example above minimalist house terrace. You can make your front porch or back into the family room or living room is casual and relaxed. The living room is open plan and the barrier, will bring the atmosphere of the room is more spacious. Selection of furniture with green wooden elements seen together with minimalist garden atmosphere. Forms of furniture is minimalist and in accordance with the size of the patio making it look more spacious.

Plain white wall color in the example above minimalist terrace house brings home becomes more elegant atmosphere. The color combination of red on the floor side by side into penggugah taste with black on doors and windows. The lack of visible decoration or accessories according to the area of ​​the room that is not too big. So do not make the patio feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Adjust the core functionality of your home with furniture that will be used on the terrace. Keep furniture that if not done much for the porch of the house, because it will add space becomes narrow. Putting some potted plants would require a special way to always look neat and clean. To look quick you can choose a vertical garden so the patio is not too full of plants that interfere with the view. Naturally determine what will be important for the patio terrace looks harmonious and blend with the theme of the terrace as in the example above minimalist house terrace.

Dizziness Rear Head And How to Overcome It

Headache back is one of the chief problems are generally caused by headaches. The cause itself is not certain. However, some studies say that a headache at the back due to muscle spasms in the area. Additionally, dizziness can also be caused by migraine, fatigue, mental stress, disruption of dental health effects of smoking, cramps because the head is in the same position for a long time, sinus infections, and there are several other possible causes.

Dizziness Rear Head And How to Overcome It

Headache back also usually cause other symptoms. For example, the emergence of pain and pressure on the back of the head. In addition, the forehead and the back of the head will also be tightened. Shoulder, neck, and scalp will feel the pain.

Dizzy with pain can last for half an hour to 7 days. When passed along with stress, extreme fatigue, or noise pollution or noise, the headache can be getting worse. Even patients may experience difficulty sleeping and loss of focus or concentration.

As mentioned earlier, dizziness commonly caused by headaches and headaches caused by many factors that accompany it. In the selection of medication, you may need painkillers. Typically used pain relievers for headaches due to tension. However, such treatment is not necessarily solve the problem, because it can be a headache and back pain after a few days.

Therefore, the best way to cope is to manage everyday life. For example, with a lot of rest, meditation, healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and so forth.

In terms of drug use, there are several types of drugs that can be used to relieve pain and dizziness. Among these we often hear, such as aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and combinations, such as between aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminophen.

The use of these drugs can with the number more than three times a week. However, there are several types of drugs associated with headaches and dizziness that membuuhkan prescription. For example, there is an analgesic, buprenorphine sort and barbiturates, such as barbital and phenobarbital. Such medications are usually prescribed to patients for special cases headache rear acute.

Headache rear can also be overcome by means of the housing, such as soaking the feet in warm water. By soaking, the blood will flow more quickly to the foot, so that the pressure in the blood vessels in the head will be reduced. Can also use cold water, but that is hand dipped, with movement clenched and opened slowly. Read also the Traditional Way to Treat Dizziness

Note also that the back of the head dizziness could be a sign of bigger problems or complex. For that, rather than cure, should we do stress management, such as meditation and relaxation. You also should be diligent exercise, consumption of nutritious food, adequate rest, and consult a physician if the complaints occurred in a long time.


This can be seen from the incisors (front lower jaw) has changed the permanent tooth. Because in the hadith mentioned “Do not slaughter animals for sacrifices except musinnah (had a tooth, kupak). If found to be difficult, it may jadz’ah (1 years old and over) of sheep. Jual Sapi Qurban “(Muslim). The scholars explained the meaning musinnah is if the 5-year-old camel, cow age 2 years, 1 year old goats and sheep between 6 months to 1 tahun.Kalau you are in doubt, you can ask the seller cattle to indicate the position of his front teeth.

Hasil gambar untuk tips mengelola hewan kurban

Choose a healthy cow and not disabled
The reason according to sound hadiths “Four kinds of unauthorized animal sacrifices made: 1. Defective eyes, 2. pain, limping 3. and 4. skinny lean again” (Bukhari and Muslim).
Regarding injuries because the marker’s ear (ear tags), wounds and burn marks castrated animals, the majority of the available literature does not include defects that are meant in the hadith, so the law remains valid.

Select animal fat on the buttocks, neck and chest.
The position should be relatively lean belly and saggy down. Keep in mind that cattle with a big belly, no indication of the animals in gelonggong, whether with cassava, sweet corn, water and even sand. It definitely will harm you.

Select cattle with a smooth and shiny fur.
Livestock that looks smooth and shiny can also be an indication of internal organs of cattle is practically no problem and no worms.

Note the position of the feet
Healthy cow legs should be straight, the hind legs are not Bengkong. Toenails also need to look healthy, not too long and swollen. note also the front legs, a good beef should be upright and relatively straight. If forming the letter X, then there is an indication of the sick cow.

Note the behavior of the cow.
healthy cow eyes sharp and reactive, not secretly like being sick. Do not choose the animal mucus (yellow color), sneezing and coughing, because cattle were indicated lung and respiratory disease.

Limousine cow

From the group of beef cattle, Limousin lately many advantages compared cows bred for other types. The rapid growth that affects the rapid increase in weight, so the meat is also growing. Although the feed beef cattle modern , regular, and extra growth concentrates arguably requires a short time and not so troublesome, only different portions to be served. In terms of his endurance, Limousin is known to be resilient both from disease, weather, and temperature. This makes farmers happy to maintain this kind of cattle. Moreover, meat quality Limousin more delicious when cooked, and the texture of the meat different from beef cattle in general.

From an economic standpoint, still ditaraf Limousine cattle prices are quite high. Indeed, the price is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of meat produced. Generally, the selling price of Limousin is still double the price of regular beef cattle. The sale price is still high if it is affected by the level of rapid growth makes cattle breeders switch maintain this type. The approach of summer offerings / Idul Adha Limousin prices tend to rise, but does not reduce the enthusiasm of consumers choose this type of cattle for sacrificial cow. Sometimes terbesit mind the price incurred for Limousin cow can be used to buy some cows Java / brahman.
Simmental cattle

Simmental cattle are a nation of Bos taurus (Talib and Siregar, 1999), this cow is the result of a cross between a large German cattle and smaller breed native to Switzerland. Simmental cattle name comes from the area where cattle were first bred the valley Simme located in the Berner Oberland in Switzerland. Meanwhile in Germany and Austria simental cow known as the Fleckvieh cattle, and in France as Pie Rouge.

Simmental cattle including cows types of beef and dairy types, sometimes also used its power in the world of agriculture.
Characteristics of Simmental cattle have w Arna skin varies from golden yellow, white, where the color evenly throughout the body. If the Simmental cattle in America different colored predominantly black or red, k epala white on top, m ayoritas pigment around the eyes, use to help reduce eye problems when exposed to sunlight, m emiliki horn, b Oboth males adults can achieve weight 1150 kg were adult females 800 kg

Tips and Tricks How to prepare Meat Goat Being Tasty Soups

Eid al Adha is always synonymous with mutton. Yes, in addition to getting mutton distributed to kurban, many Muslims who deliberately buy goat meat processed to be made into delicious dishes such as satay, goat soup, curry goat or various other types of cuisine. http://www.kurbansapi.com

Hasil gambar untuk tips mengelola hewan kurban

Unfortunately, some of them are still less astute how to process goat meat that tasted more delicious. Because if it is not true in the process, it could be food produced from goat meat is meat still feels tough, fat clot in the sauce, and the most frequent complaint, the distinctive aroma of goat still sharp smell or commonly known as stink prengus.

So, to overcome this, Chef Pasha Hardiman, resident chef at Chezlely Culinary School , Jakarta, providing tips on how to prepare mutton. Here are tips as quoted from page viva.co.id :

1. What should be noted is before processed avoid mutton from the water. Wash the mutton when you are ready to process them. If you’ve already hit the water immediately mutton dry with a clean cloth.

2. Dispose of mutton broth or boiled water boil mutton first time since this broth containing high fat, not good especially for diabetics.

3. To remove the typical smell of mutton, you can use cucumber. Small pieces of cucumber and knead together mutton that had been cut. Cucumber sap is believed to eliminate the scent of goat. Or you can also use pineapple to remove the smell of mutton prengus and make a quick tender .

4. There are two ways to cook mutton soup. The first, using full cream milk or goat’s milk and the second with a clear broth. For those who care about health, it is better to use clear broth because it is lower in fat.

A few information about how to process goat mutton into soup was delicious. May be useful.