Women have a cooler feet

Common anemia, unsuitable tight shoes, unreasonable and even diet alone biology of the female body are the cause of women even nine times more likely to suffer because of cold feet and hands. See the prevention measures. New research shows that women nine times more likely to suffer from cold in the hands or feet… Read More »

Dangerous beverages!

Svi smo culi za hamburger od 580 kalorija, ali što je s šalicom bijele kave od 500 kalorija? Kada sljedeci puta posjetite svoj omiljeni kafic, svakako zatražite da vam naprave ‘mršavu’ bijelu kavu (znaci s nemasnim ili obranim mlijekom). Izbjegavajte šlag i narucite najmanju porciju. Znamo da alkohol može naslagati kile, no tako lako se… Read More »

You want the sexy and a flat stomach?

Besides the exercise, in the realisation of these desires will help you and supernamirnice that has been proven to melt the fat on the stomach and contribute to the strengthening of the muscles of that part of the body They’re coming hot summer days and the season of removing in bikinis. Of course, we all… Read More »

Ginger is a permanent tuberous plant from the lily family

His sharp, energetic and spicy aroma gives specific taste dishes of Asian cuisine, especially those prepared in own. The particularity of ginger is in a note and egzoticnosti orijentalnosti that separates him from the domesticated, Mediterranean spices. It is quite aromatic, strong and sharp (paleceg) taste and pleasant scent thanks to the essential oils and… Read More »

The cabbage is a vegetable of high biological and low calorie value

It, too, in the organism entered the most active elements for maintaining the biological balance of the organism and for his defense of a variety of diseases. Description and origin of the Long-lasting cooking cabbage significantly reduces its nutritional value, so it is recommended to put it into a hot instead of in cold water.… Read More »

Oxalic acid in spinach

Prehrambena vrijednost špinata kao povrca smanjuje i oksalna kiselina, a koje u špinau ima cak 485% mg. Najveca kolicina oksalne kiseline, kao i nitrata, nalazi se u peteljkama i rebrima listova špinat. Osim toga, špinat posijan u proljece, a ubran ljeti tijekom toplog i sušnog razdoblja, sadrži vecu kolicinu oksalne kiseline nego špinat posijan krajem… Read More »

Spinach contains iron so much

Iron is the most important ingredient of hemoglobin in red blood tjelešcima or eritrocima, and that prevents the binding of hemoglobin with oxygen and its delivery through letterboxes via the blood throughout the body. Iron necessary for creating hemoglobin and for other needs coming into organism through food. Supplies of iron in the body is… Read More »

For broccoli is known for more than 2000 years ago

In the 16th century. century, the broccoli is grown in Italy and France. Name of the plant is derived from the Italian word “brocco” meaning an offshoot, the shoots. On Croatian soil was brought from Italy, the first on the coast and some islands. And today it is the most grown in Dalmatia. Broccoli is… Read More »